Field Services

LI&TS provides on-site field testing services on various types exterior cladding; curtain wall, skylight, store front, unitized systems, windows, doors, metal panel systems and masonry and stone cladding. Testing includes air infiltration and static water penetration, nozzle testing, water leakage through masonry and load testing the strength of anchor. All testing is conducted in accordance with  ASTM requirement.

Standard Testing Methods Include:

· RILEM 11.4 TEST “Method of testing water absorption through masonry surfaces.

· ASTM E 488 “Standard test methods for strength of anchor in concrete and masonry elements.

· ASTM E 514 “A field Modified water Leakage through Masonry.

· ASTM E 546 “Standard test method for frost point of sealed insulating glass units.

· ASTM E 754 “Pull-out Resistance of Ties/Anchors Embedded in Masonry/Mortar Joints.

· ASTM E 783 “Standard test methods for Air Infiltration.

· ASTM E 1105 “Standard test methods for Static Water Penetration.


We believe testing is an important part of new construction as well as remediation programs. This will allow for a proper evaluation of its performance and reduce future expenses. We recommend performing on-site tests approximately 10% into the project which will contribute to everyone’s involvement