LI&TS provides on-site technical support in the construction industry. Our services include both new and existing buildings. Design for various types of exterior components and testing services for all types of window wall systems. Water penetration, glass breakage, quality control inspections, waterproofing issues, sealant failures and other problems with cladding system. We specialize in building envelope services.

Condition Survey & Maintenance Evaluation

This includes a powered platform staging or man lift for a thorough investigation of the building exterior wall components and their condition. The building enclosure should be evaluated prior to sale of the property or purchase. We provided a comprehensive report to determine the existing conditions. This report will enable the buyer or seller an opportunity to evaluate the building condition and review our recommendations and a solution of remediation. LI&TS can generate remediation programs and provide cost estimated bid packages, remedial specification, and on-site inspections and provide time schedules.

Field Testing Service

Testing is an important part of many construction or remediation projects. By testing a product and its components will allow for proper evaluation of its performance and reduce future expenses. We offer professional on-site field testing services which include air infiltration, static water penetration, nozzle testing, davits and tie-backs certification, load testing for strength of anchor as well as water penetration leakage through masonry walls. LI&TS experience includes various types of cladding systems, curtain wall, skylight, store front, unitized systems, windows, doors, metal panel systems and masonry and stone cladding. All testing is conducted in accordance with ASTM and AAMA, ANSI requirement.

Forensic Investigation & Building Diagnostics

LI&TS provides a thorough investigation of the building exterior wall system, its components and to assess the existing condition. Also to determine the causes of failure or identify the problems that originated from a variety of conditions; design and construction flaws, material defects, as well as high wind, hurricane, tornado and hail. LI&TS can generate a remediation program and provide cost estimated, remedial specification, on-site inspection and time schedules.

Remediation programs

LI&TS will provide inspections and analysis, designs, calculations, details, bids, contract documents, project specifications and drawing, for the building remediation programs. LI&TS can assist in selecting a qualified professional contractor for the remediation program. We offer expertise to reduce project time and problems that may occur during the remediation program, as well as provide longer warranties for the client.

Sealant Adhesion Testing

LI&TS provides quality control inspections to conduct adhesion tests on an installed sealant product to evaluate the performance of the material. This will insure proper adhesion and installment of a product. The primary reason of sealant failures is improper installation of the product or the wrong type of product and improper preparation.