Mold Investigation


LI&TS and our associates recommend annual inspection of the building cladding system to evaluate the condition. We recommend a limited condition survey in the worse case scenario of the UV damage to your building. This is performed from a window washer chair or power platform stage and a visual. LI&TS and our associates provide air test, investigating the source of water penetration, containment chamber for contaminated areas, evaluate and assess in the remediation programs, assist in selecting an abatement contractor for the remediation program for your project.

There is always a possibly of water intrusion problems within a building cladding system. Water Penetration intrudes into occupied or unoccupied spaces from an exterior source therefore a prolonged period of time will lead into mold and mildew problems. This problem can grow to affect indoor air quality for an example, wet gypsum board; especially in an exterior insulated wall that can’t be reviewed is a problem. The insulation reduces the ability of the water to drain and the energy to flow across the wall thereby reducing the rate at which the wall dries out. Window leaks are another problem, a leak into a wall cavity that is not visible and continues for a prolonged period, will develop into mold, mildew and moisture problems. These problems are a detriment to your investment and the water damage can continue to cause premature deterioration of finish materials, ruined equipment and furnishings as well as other valuables.