Leak Investigation and Testing Services, Inc. a window wall testing and curtain wall consulting firm located in Huntsville, Texas, is seeking basic experienced, Motivated Technicians to assist in field testing and water infiltration investigations within the organization. This would include field condition surveys and construction inspections of window walls coordinated with the sites superintendent’s. Qualified individuals should e-mail their résumés to jobs@leakinvestigation.net

Primary Responsibilities:

1. Assist Consultants in the performance of field evaluation testing.
2. Perform quality assurance inspections on new and remedial projects.
3. Maintain all the equipment used by the team. (Individual must be confident and responsible enough to keep up with the company issued equipment)
4. Travel to out-of-town for projects, remote site location to assist in duties as assigned.
5. Review a variety of data including reports, specifications, proposals, statistical reports, and correspondence, from either written or oral instructions.
6. Evaluate field procedures, revise procedures, or devise new methods to improve efficiency of work flow.
7. Computer skills, be familiar with Word and Excel documents, organize documentation on projects.
8. Have a valid Texas driver license. Individuals must be able to pass background checks and required random drug testing.
9. Individuals must be honest and trustworthy.

Minimum Requirements:

1. High school degree, some college degree or equivalent work experience.
2. Ability to walk around construction sites, climb ladders, ride and operate powered platform stages and other access equipment, lift tools and equipment, and perform other construction-related physical activities.
3. On-the-job training will be available for the appropriate candidate.