Infrared Reviews

Water Penetration Investigation

Infrared inspection is a valuable technique for finding water leaks in buildings. Whether it involves siding, roofing, windows, or plumbing, we are experienced in tracking down hard to find water leaks. When you have a water soaked carpet or , you want to know where it came from and what caused it. We can usually discover and trace the source of leakage without the hassle of removing drywall looking for the cause. We are experienced in tracing and identifying the source.

We work with anyone and everyone to discover the source of damage in all types of water leak situations. It is important to immediately start drying a water damage incident in order to prevent mold growth; but Infrared is only effective in finding moisture while the affected area is wet. We need to perform water leak inspections within a couple of days of the incident before the source starts to dry.

Roof Thermography

Infrared inspection is a valuable technique for detecting leaks before they grow into a catastrophe, especially in flat roofs. We survey all types of flat roof coverings ranging from traditional tar and gravel to modern single ply coverings of EPDM or TPO. Flat roofs should be inspected periodically for leaks and moisture intrusion at seams and penetrations. We perform roof surveys for roofing companies, building owners and maintenance staffs to help them detect failures before they cause expensive water damage to building structures.